Bloom Into You: Official Comic Anthology

    Completed | 13 chapters
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    • Yuu, a teenage girl in love with shoujo manga, is unsure of how to reject her friend's confession
    • She asks the popular student council president Nanami for help, but she confesses to Yuu as well
    • An anthology of short stories about the characters of Bloom Into You drew by various yuri authors
    Anthology of short stories featuring Bloom into You's characters, drawn by various yuri authors.

    1: Can I Bloom Into You Someday?, by Hiiragi Yutaka.
    Touko wants to swap uniforms with Yuu, but…
    2: Perhaps A Constellation Like That, by Canno.
    Touko and Sayaka read their horoscopes… and Yuu's.
    3: Floating Maiden, by Chomoran.
    When romance can make you float. Literally.
    4: Onigiri, Croquette, Tamagoyaki, by Fukuyama Okara.
    Koyomi is hungry.
    5: Tiny Sempai, by tMnR.
    Yuu becomes Touko's babysitter.
    6: In The Box, by Yuikawa Kazuno.
    What's in Touko's box? And for whom is it? Sayaka wonders…
    7: Festival Night, by Mekimeki.
    Touko always gives her all. Especially when there's a reward.
    8: Let's Write A Script!, by Ayao Aya.
    The early rejected draft of the Student Council play.
    9: What Will You Wear Tomorrow?, by Moke.
    Touko wants Yuu's opinion on her new clothes.
    10: Bitter Coffee Time, by Hiroichi.
    Miyako wants to test her new special coffee on her girlfriend.
    11: Let's Play With Sempai!, by Itou Hachi.
    A mysterious maid outfit. A card game to decide who will wear it.
    12: Secret Student Council, by Tachi.
    Touko wants to "recharge her batteries".
    13: Ephemeral, by Hara Yuriko.
    Poems under the cherry blossoms.






    Last UpdatedJanuary 28, 2019
    Other namesYagate Kimi ni Naru Comic Anthology, Bloom Into You Comic Anthology, Blooming into You: Official Anthology, Yagate Kimi ni Naru: Official Anthology, Bloom Into You: Official Anthology, やがて君になる 公式コミックアンソロジー