Sweet Candy

    Ongoing | 25 chapters
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    • Li Xiao Guo went to work at the well-paid Jiayu hospital to support her demanding parents
    • But her life seems to just get worse, as she gets in a lot of trouble, and almost gets fired
    • She decides to sell her blood, and as if it was fate, a special patient needing it showed up
    New nurse Li Xiao Guo chose Jiayu Hospital because it had a higher salary, her family had a lot of debt. Just a few days after she went to work, she suffered from unfortunate things such as her parents being scammed and going into more debt, her cell phone getting robbed, losing money for being late for work, and dereliction of duty. She wanted to sell her blood, but a special patient came to the hospital. Because of a special blood type, the two of them have formed a bond over blood...






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    Other names甜涩糖果
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~5 days
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