Mugen Garan
Mugen Garan

Mugen Garan

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Supernatural, Romance, Yaoi, Historical, Adult
  • The commander of the British army, Errol, is captured by a Hindu King, Bimbisara
  • Through steamy interactions, their enemy status turns into hot, inseparable romance
  • Followed by random encounters between men that develop into fleshy relationships
1) Mumyou Bonnou The commander of the British army, Captain Errol, is captured by his enemy, a Hindu ruler called Bimbisara. But instead of killing Errol, Bimbisara decides to give him lessons on the Kama Sutra, in a very hands-on way. 2) Floral Sea Cavern After falling overboard of a boat during his school trip, Kazamatsuri awakens to find himself imprisoned in a strange place by a man who has never heard sound of a beating human heart. He is told that he is in the netherworld, and that he will never be allowed to leave. 3) Taizan Kouroumu A god finds a boy and takes him to his martial arts temple. The boy is mute, and possesses mysterious power. The boy rescues another boy from prostitution and the relationship begins...for immortality. 4) Super Natural In the Public Moral committee, Tatsumi finds Nijou being raped in the gym storage room. The reason is...because Nijou can tell fortunes in the middle of sex? 5) Love Fortune
Megumu Minami
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