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Himegimi no Jouken

19 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 9696
The youngest of 7 and a tomboy, Princess Darian is busy everyday trying to find spirits that will agree to become her guardian so she can prove that she is the strongest candidate to become the next ruler of the kingdom. In no way is this an easy task and to make things more complicated, her older brothers are also in the race for that same throne. Luckily (or unluckily) amidst all of this, by Princess Darian's side is always her personal guardian, Kiiru. According to her, he's way too strict, much too easily angered, and always quick to subject her to scoldings that last for hours, but on the upside, at least he's very dependable. But even he has a big secret he's been hiding from everyone, and it could affect Princess Darian in a huge way. How will she cope with all of these problems?


Other Facts

Published2002 to 2006
Last UpdatedNovember 14, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesThe Princess's Condition, Himegimi no Jyouken, 姫君の条件