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Hizamazuite Ai wo Chikae

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 4297
A cute collection of short stories, packed full of love!

• Omae no Karada ni Kiitemiro (Swear Love On Your Knees) : I work with Naoe, who is the same age as me, and he makes my heart beat like crazy!? Turns out, he's my father's bodyguard and so now he accompanies me. And now I'm in (unrequited) love with him. But he's not kind to me at all...

• Try Asking Your Body : Jun is a typical player. There is no one in high school who hasn't heard of him and his seducing ways. One day a tom-boy girl challenges to a duel for playing around with one of her classmates. What's this feeling in his heart? It won't stop beating. Could this infamous playboy be feeling.... love?

• Yokubou Star : Amemiya Kou, already an accomplished novelist and still in high school. Ever since I first read his book I've loved him. But now that I go to the same high school as him and work under him in the literature club he doesn't seem a thing like the beautiful words in his book. In fact he's very bossy and seems to only pick on me! Gwah, what? That means I'm his favorite? That doesn't make sense! Why's he so mean?!

• Koibito. Zenyasai (Lover. The Eye):
He is cold, and does not act like a boyfriend, she wants to believe they DO are going out... What will it become of their relationship?!

• Tennen Ecstasy (Natural Ecstasy)
Hoshina izumi, whose looks are like an elementary student, does not have any friend at school. While everyone was befriend-ling she... received a confession from a guy?! Wait, he wants to be her friend or... not?!


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 21, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesKneel Down and Vow Your Love, Hizamazu Ite Ai wo Chikae, ひざまずいて愛を誓え, Kneel Down and Vow Your Love