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Sensei to, Uwakichuu

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 6030
Hana is in extreme shock over the fact that her boyfriend cheated on her. When confiding in the Kudou Sensei from the school infirmary, he rubs her hair…

Are you trying to comfort me? When she was trying to leave, he makes an impossible proposition, "Would you like to have an affair with me?"!?

Hana who became limp from those words was asked "Are you anemic?" I’m not! He says we should just have an affair to kill time, but Hana doesn’t understand him!!

Other Facts

PublishedJan 26, 2010
Last UpdatedJuly 23, 2017
Other namesTenshi ni Ki wo Tsukero!, 先生と、浮気中, Sensei to, Uwaki-chuu, Sensei to, Uwaki chuu, Ouji na Geboku no Aishikata, Tenshi ni Kiotsukero!, Pay attention to the angel!