I Can't Take It Anymore!

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      Fujimoto Hiroya is at the top of his class. He's the Student Council Vice-President, spends all his time studying and is the idol of all the "good girls". But the truth is, he'd trade it all just for the chance to be someone else... someone popular, outgoing and carefree... Someone like Masaki.

      Masaki's what Fujimoto's friends would call an "idiot". He'd rather play soccer than study, almost never cracks a book, and is popular with all the "normal" kids. He's got flashy clothes, bleached hair and a reputation just a lousy as Fujimoto's is good.

      In the summer of Fujimoto's freshman year of high school, he resolves to change his image and his life... all to make friends with Masaki. But can dyed hair, new clothes and a piercing really change a person inside?

      Classic BL by the "dream-team" of novelist Koh Akizuki and mangaka Meiko Koide.

      Please note that this title deals very frankly with some rather "heavy" issues including, but not limited to homophobia, gay bashing, coming out, HIV/AIDS, promiscuous sex, rape, and suicide.






      PublishedDec 1995 to Apr 2000
      Last UpdatedMay 27, 2017
      Other namesI Can't Take it Anymore! , Yatteraneeze!, Yatteranneeze, Yateraneeze, I Can't Take It Anymore, やってらんねェぜ!
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