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Kamisama no Sonata

3 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 9048
1. Kamisama no Sonata
A lonely ghost finds another deeply tortured soul with her love for the violin. Despite the years separating them, they both know the pain of being different which causes their bond to become stronger. But is there a happy ending for someone living and a ghost?

2. Mahoroba no Yobigoe
A boy she always knew from afar is about to be crushed by the train before her very eyes, but not before he looks directly at her, causing Maomi to drift and land... 2000 years into the past! Historical references to Yamataikoku and Queen Himiko.

3. Ipaasha
A playboy prince of a small country needs to win over a frivolous princess of a successful kingdom for the sake of his country. What he didn’t expect was his feelings for the princess’ timid maid. What will happen when the princess finds out about them? Will the prince forsake his country all for his forbidden love?

4. Taiyou mo Wasure Sasete
Saho fall in love with the chairman of a gardening club - Togusa Shui, and now she has to work hard to get his attention.

Other Facts

Original PublisherHakusensha
SerializationKuro LaLa
Last UpdatedJune 4, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesБожественная соната, موسيقى الرب, 神之奏鳴曲, 神様のソナタ, Divine Sonata, God's Sonata, Heaven's Sonata, Ipaasha, Kami Sonata, Sonate des Schicksals, Kamisama no Sonata, Mahoroba no Yobigoe, Ipaasha, Taiyou mo Wasure Sasete