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    Kimi ga Uso o Tsuita

    Completed | 12 chapters
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    • After being left by his father when she was little, schoolgirl Saki has grown up loathing liars
    • When Saki loses her mother in a car accident, she gains the ability to detect lies of other people
    • Saki's miserable life of doubt turns around when she meets her mature step-brother Midori Kirisawa
    Saki Kudou's father left her family when she was a young girl. Ever since she was betrayed by his promise to return, Saki has always despised liars. Now a high school student, she one day cancels her plans with her best friend to go watch a movie, deciding to see it with her crush instead. Outraged, Saki's friend prevents her from seeing him, saying that he had urgent business to attend to. However, Saki finds out her friend had lied to her, and asks her mother to take her to the movies as soon as possible.

    On the way to the theater, the two end up in the hospital when they get into a sudden accident. Waking up confused and frightened, she is mentally paralyzed upon her mother's death, but what she finds even harder to process is her newfound ability. Saki finds that those who lie to her appear to be black silhouettes, and she begins to realize there are several liars around her.






    PublishedFeb 24, 2009 to Jun 24, 2010
    Last UpdatedMay 26, 2017
    Other namesYou told a lie., You said a lie, 君がウソをついた
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