Kinku: Don't Say "I Love You"
Kinku: Don't Say "I Love You"

Kinku: Don't Say "I Love You"

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Romance, Shoujo, Drama, Smut
A collection of one-shots: 1. Don't Say "I Love You" Shizuka had just lost her only parent, her mother, due to a car accident. A young man, Yuuichi, rushed to the hospital and declared that he's Shizuka's step-father. That was their first encounter. The two started to live together, yet Shizuka realized that she was seeing Yuuichi as a man instead of as a father. And Yuuichi was too... in order to prevent the forbidden relationship, Yuuichi decides to leave home, and...!? 2. Snow Falling Honjou Nao is known as a player and on Valentine's Day he kisses every girl who gives him chocolates. Furuya Wakaba wants to date someone she loves and loves her back not just some guy who wants to date casually. Furuya hates Honjou Nao because of his playful personality. On Valentines Day, she goes to the infirmary only to find a half naked Honjou Nao on the bed! 3. Let Me Feel You Yuina has been going out with her boyfriend Yuuya for half a year already. One day Yuuya calls Yuina sexually frigid. Yuina becomes depressed and when a strange man approaches her, she goes along with him. Just before Yuina was about to do something she would regret, Hiroto comes and kicks the strange man in the head. Yuina becomes attracted to Hiroto's presence follows him to a club he's dancing in. They meet Yuuya along the way to the train station and there, Hiroto gives Yuina the kiss of her life! 4. Lustful Lover Kazumi whose father is rich wakes up kidnapped. She's been cuffed and chained to a room. The kidnapper says that he will let her go only if she says "Please Hold Me" to him. Every night the kidnapper brings home a woman and makes love to her right in front of the door of the room where Kazumi is chained in. Kazumi becomes sexually aware of him and soon succumbs to him. 5. Omake (Love Prisoner and author's comments) A six pages short sequel to Lustful Lover, what happens to Kazumi when she meets her kidnapper again.
Anisaki Yuna
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