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Ane☆Mone Seikaten

4 chapters | Completed | Rank 5892
A cute and funny little story about a baby-faced high school girl Mone Saeki who inadvertently falls in love with a grade schooler Ren Anesaki!
This collection includes others one-shot stories as:
1. Everyday Treasures
2. Batsu-san
3. Day Dream Biriba


Other Facts

PublishedApr 27, 2009
SerializationThe Hana to Yume
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesMinami Maki Kessaku Tanpenshuu, アネ☆モネ生花店 ~南マキ傑作短編集~, Ane☆Mone Flower Shop, Anemone Seikaten, Batsu-san, Batsusan, Everyday Treasures, Day Dream Biriba, Day Dream Beliver