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Koi ni Naru made

4 chapters | Completed | Rank 6857
Collection of short stories:

• Koi ni Naru made
Falling in love at first sight with Kirishima-kun during the opening ceremony, Jun decided to give it her all and confess to him. However, the one who came to the meeting place was Kirishima Ei in her class! Moreover, he said OK to her confession?! It's too late for Jun to tell him that she got the wrong person, but...?!

• Kimi ga Boku no Taiyou
Ai had always been a tomboy that never takes care of her appearance, all due to her former childhood friend that told her she looked gross in a yukuta. But then she meets him again...

• Kimi no Kakera
Minori, a junior high student has a typical school life. She has always envied high scholers with their dates, and wished she too can have a boyfriend. She has, however fallen in love on first sight with a boy that saved her when she fell. In order to pursue him, she decides to enrol to his high school.

• Kimi Machi Bus (sequel to Katakoi Iro)
Kae suddenly receives a confession from a very popular guy, Katagiri-kun. Even though her friends tell her not to, she still accepts the confession and start going out. It is then Kae realizes just how popular Katagiri-kun really is. Will she still be able to have the strength to continue being his girlfriend?


Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 23, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesUntil it Becomes Love, Kimi ga Boku no Taiyou, Kimi no Kakera, Kimi Machi Bus, Koi ni Narumade (YUMACHI Shin)