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Oikakete mo Chikazukuite mo

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 8024
1. Oikaketemo Chikazuitemo
Even now, I still love you. And yet, before I knew it, you have become someone that I can't reach...
When she was small, Uiko exchanged a promise with childish Mako that when they are high school students, if they become a couple, they will kiss. All this time, she hasn't been able to forget that promise. But now that they've become high school students, Mako is a popular guy in her class, and Uiko is a plain girl without any redeeming points. No matter what she does, she can't be honest to Mako, who already belonged to a different world before anyone knows, but...?

2. Santa Clause wo Dakishimete
Yukiko is a secondary-school pupil which with all her heart wants to help other people. When learns that the younger brother of her classmate doesn't know, what these are holidays, is deciding to show him. Quickly he is making friends with small You and gradually will approach his his elder brother, Rei'a. But something is linking these two classmates more than could suppose...

3. 1000% Aisuru Kimochi

4. Suki Sugi Chatte Gomen ne
Chikage has been dating Manato for 3 months, they've held hands, and kissed too and now finally Manato has asked Chikage over. Even though Chikage has mentally perpared herself, can she really take that important next step?

5. Aishi Kimi wo Dakishimete

Other Facts

Last UpdatedJuly 21, 2017
Other namesOikakete mo Chikazuduite mo, Oikaketemo Chikazuitemo, Santa Clause wo Dakishimete, 追いかけても近づいても