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7 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 11752
In the Lovely Lesson series:

Vol.1 - Lovely Lesson
Compared to other girls at your school, do you think you're ugly? No matter what you try, you never become as pretty as them? Or were you dumped because you weren't pretty enough? No matter what the reason, there is a way to heal you. Meet Yuhri, a "beauty healer" who really is just a high school goods storekeeper. But when Yuhri meets another "beauty healer" like her, Makoto, what will she do?

Vol.2 - Chuukyuuhen
The first story is about a girl who is always called fat and ugly by a cute guy. To make him say she is cute, she tries hard to look pretty.

Vol.3 - Hair Make-Up Hen

Other Facts

Original PublisherShogakukan
PublishedDec 5, 2005 to Jan 14, 2006
Last UpdatedJune 5, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesBeauty★Mania, Lovely Lesson: Hair Make-Up Hen, Lovely Lesson: Chuukyuuhen, ラブリー♥レッスン, ラブリーレッスン, ラブリー・レッスン, ラブリー・レッスン ヘアメイク編, ラブリー・レッスン 中級編, 爱美教主, 爱美教主-中级篇, 爱美教主-发型化妆篇