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Among the quiet villages and towns of 18th century Europe, demons known as the Ill hide within the most beautiful works of art, sparked to life by the torment of their creators. Attracted by their jewel-like allure, the unwary find themselves possessed by the Ill and driven to horrific acts of violence. Only the hunters of the Ciste Vihad can dispel the Ill.

March is one such hunter, tracking the Ill from town to town to find the antiques that contain the demons before they can possess anyone. If the worst has come to pass, March's full powers are unleashed to battle the fiendish Ill. Born of tragedy, the artifacts all have their own tales to tell, as do each of their victims. But March's story may be the most tragic of all



Other Facts

English PublisherViz
Original PublisherShogakukan
PublishedDec 19, 2007 to Jan 19, 2013
SerializationSunday Gene-X
Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2018
Other namesMarch Story, マーチストーリー, MARCHSTORY, เสียงเพรียกจากโลกันต์, 猎魔荒世录