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Meru Meru Mail

5 chapters | Completed | Rank 14994
Meiru Inamori is a mailing obsessed 16-year-old whom attends an all girls high school. One day she finds out that all of her friends have boyfriends, and finds herself wanting one as well; the only thing is that Meiru freezes up whenever a guy comes close to her. Will there ever be a guy able to free Meiru from her boy phobia?


Other Facts

Published2005 to 2006
SerializationRibon Magazine
Last UpdatedJuly 19, 2017
Other namesメルめるメール, 简讯传情


Vol.1 Chapter 5: [End]August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 4August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 3August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 2 August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 1 August 30, 2016