Ao-chan Can't Study!

    Ongoing | 27 chapters
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    • Ao is the daughter of a bestselling erotic author who was traumatized on her first day of school
    • She has no time for boys as she studies hard to enter an elite university, until Kijima's confession
    • A hilarious early romance between a girl with uncontrolled perverted thoughts, and her normal suitor
    When Ao was in kindergarten, she smiled ear-to-ear as she told her classmates how her father, a bestselling erotic author, chose her name: "A as in apple and O as in orgy!" That day still haunts her ten years later as she studies with a single goal in mind: to get into an elite university and achieve independence from her father once and for all. She has no youth to misspend and no time to think about boys...until her classmate, "King Normie" Kijima, approaches her with a shocking confession of love. She tries to lose Kijima, but he just can't take a hint...and as her mind runs wild with dirty thoughts, she realizes her father has totally influenced her!






    PublishedOct 17, 2015 to ?
    SerializationShounen Magazine Edge
    Last UpdatedAugust 21, 2019
    Other namesLustful Ao can't study, Midara na Ao-chan wa Benkyou ga Dekinai, The Lewd Ao-chan Isn't Good at Studying, Ao-chan Can’t Study!, 青酱不能学习, 淫らな青ちゃんは勉強ができない
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~26 days
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    Vol.5 Extra Credit 2: UndressingAug 21, 2019more_horiz
      Vol.5 Extra Credit 1: Afternoon SpinoffAug 21, 2019more_horiz
        Vol.5 Lesson 23: Kaneko-san's ConfessionAug 21, 2019more_horiz
          Vol.5 Lesson 22: RivalAug 21, 2019more_horiz
            Vol.5 Lesson 21: Queen Miyabi and the School FairAug 21, 2019more_horiz
              Vol.5 Lesson 20: After the KissAug 21, 2019more_horiz
                Vol.4 Extra Credit 2: A Boy for a DayAug 21, 2019more_horiz
                  Vol.4 Lesson 19: Better than GoodAug 21, 2019more_horiz
                    Vol.4 Lesson 18: Through Thick and ThinAug 21, 2019more_horiz
                      Vol.4 Lesson 17: Private LessonsAug 21, 2019more_horiz
                        Vol.4 Extra Credit 1: Guy TalkAug 21, 2019more_horiz
                          Vol.4 Lesson 16: ConnectionAug 21, 2019more_horiz
                            Vol.3 Lesson 15: When I Think of YouDec 26, 2018more_horiz
                              Vol.3 Lesson 14: Begotten by LustDec 26, 2018more_horiz
                                Vol.3 Lesson 13: Hot BodyDec 26, 2018more_horiz
                                  Vol.3 Lesson 12: AncitipationDec 26, 2018more_horiz
                                    Vol.3 Lesson 11: A Night Alone TogetherDec 26, 2018more_horiz
                                      Vol.2 Lesson 10: Co-ed Summer CampDec 23, 2018more_horiz
                                        Vol.2 Lesson 9: All You Can EatDec 23, 2018more_horiz
                                          Vol.2 Lesson 8: His RoomDec 23, 2018more_horiz
                                            Vol.2 Lesson 7: InexperiencedDec 23, 2018more_horiz
                                              Vol.2 Lesson 6: SecretDec 23, 2018more_horiz
                                                Vol.1 Lesson 5: High-Maintenance WomanDec 23, 2018more_horiz
                                                  Vol.1 Lesson 4: Who's Trash?Mar 19, 2018more_horiz
                                                    Vol.1 Lesson 3: After TrainingAug 30, 2016more_horiz
                                                      Vol.1 Lesson 2: A Man's WeaponAug 30, 2016more_horiz
                                                        Vol.1 Lesson 1: Men!Aug 30, 2016more_horiz