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1. Mishiranu Machi (見知らぬ街)
A group of teenagers went on a summer holiday and had a car accident. The woke up and found the whole city was empty. How can they escape the eerie place? But more importantly, can they really all go back?

2. Youkoso Mystery Tour e (ようこそミステリーツアーへ)
In the summer holiday, a 15 year old girl Kana went on a vacation on an island, when a certain hotel giving out invitation to join a treasure hunt event with only a ridiculously impossible map to read. With a group of four along with her cousin Riku who can't handle transportation, her little brother Takashi who likes mystery and her brother's girlfriend Natsuki, the group join the event, meeting suspicious people and witnessing unexplainable occurences. Can they find the treasure? Is there any hidden agenda from the hotel owner by making such an event?

3. A wa Akuma no A (アは悪魔のア)
An almost dead man entrusted a Devil statue to Riku, a 15 year old boy. Before they realized, Kana, Riku, Takashi and Natsuki were already involved in an adventure involving antiques, cops, a devil in disguise, an angel in custody, and a cold blooded killer.


Other Facts

PublishedFeb 1990
Last UpdatedJuly 27, 2017
Other namesYoukoso Mystery Tour e, 見知らぬ街, A wa Akuma no A