Mousouka, Koi o Suru.

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      1-2) The Daydreamer Falls in Love
      Inside a crowded train, Yuma takes a peek at someone else’s cellphone. What was displayed was a passionate love story between two men…! Furthermore, the one reading is a male student! Yuma cannot hide his surprise, but due to strange coincidences, he becomes closer to that student, Souta. Pushed by his delusions, Yuma gradually grows addicted to Souta…?!

      3) Sadistic Treatment
      Whenever he treats a student's wound, the school nurse gets weirdly aroused by his student's painful expression. Worried about this tendency and his students' well-being, he tries to hide his urges. What will he do when the popular soccer player Kunichika discovers his secret?

      4) Can I Touch You?
      Ever since he saw Sonoda at the entrance ceremony, Kenji has been entranced by the school idol's beautiful aura. By chance, he stumbles upon a lonely Sonoda nodding off in the prep room and asks for the permission to touch him. Thus, their strange relationship begins...

      5) My Second to Last Wish
      After Naoya was rejected by his best friend Daiki on graduation day, both of them prepare to say farewell to their joyful days together.

      6) The Daydreamer Falls in Love -extra-
      Yuma and Souta have been going out for two months, but somehow, they haven't progressed at all..?






      PublishedAug 12, 2013
      Last UpdatedJune 14, 2017
      Other namesMousouka, Koi wo Suru., 妄想家、恋をする。, The Daydreamer Falls in Love., S no Chiryouhou, Sadistic Treatment, Furete mo Ii no, Can I Touch You?, Saigo kara 2-banme no Negaigoto, My Second to Last Wish