Dear, My God
Dear, My God

Dear, My God

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Romance, Drama, Yaoi
Story 1 Read this while praying for the fate of two people, a BL that will save your soul. "You will be my other half." Having infiltrated a religious organization to save Lief, who adores the cult leader, Catholic priest Ross is instead captured and held captive. "If you become my other half, we can both be saved," Lief believes blindly. Giving Ross a drug which dulls his senses, Lief then rapes him. Believing in the precepts of his faith, Lief pities Ross and convinces him to resign himself to accept this relationship, but... A dramatic story about a young cult follower x a Virgin Mary type Catholic priest. Story 2 Collected together with the following magnificent stories: A discarded houseplant that becomes human... Do I recognize that face? And a mysterious couple.
Nemui Asada
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Sep 8, 2014 to Aug 25, 2015
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