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Nakamura Koedo to Daizu Keisuke wa Umakuikanai

18 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 6237
Nakamura Koedo and Daizu Keisuke like each other, but bad things seem to happen whenever they're together. They decide to date, but it seems like any time they get a chance to be near one another, something ridiculous and unexpected happens! For instance, Koedo tries to give him a first confessional love letter on a day that he is injured and can't see! On the first day they walk home together, Daizu is chased and terrorized by Koedo's own dog! Can they overcome their curse?


Other Facts

PublishedSep 9, 2013 to Mar 9, 2015
SerializationBessatsu Shounen Magazine
Last UpdatedJune 13, 2017
Other namesEverything Is Not Going Well, 中村小江戸と大豆恵亮はうまくいかない