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Naki Shoujo no Tame no Pavane

5 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 15588
During a field trip to the imperial capital, Tokyo, Kaga Nanao overhears the beautiful melody of a violin and immediately becomes captivated by it. In order to meet the mystery violinist, Nanao learns the violin and defies her father's wishes by attending the Marianne Music Academy for girls in Tokyo. Upon arriving at the school, Nanao comes across her mystery violinist who turns out to be Sagami Takenomaru, the violin prodigy and adopted son of the famous violinist, Sagami Chougo-sensei. However, Takenomaru isn't just a regular person, he's determined to complete a mission and fulfill a contract...


Other Facts

PublishedJul 30, 2008 to ?
SerializationComic Blade
Last UpdatedJune 14, 2017
Other namesPavane for a Dead Girl, 亡き少女の為のパヴァーヌ