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The NEET Woman and the Second Grader

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 11108
Oneshot manga with six short tales of fantasy and friendship by Shimizu Aki.

1) The NEET Woman and the Second Grader
A 19-year-old NEET and near-hikikomori named Tsuda Yasue encounters a crying second grade girl outside her apartment and tries to figure out how to handle her.

2) Flow My Tears, the Onion Said
A girl suddenly is spoken to by an onion she is preparing to cook.

3) The Young Lady and the Gardener
A young, wealthy lady who lost her sight after her father died sits at her window and makes grandiose requests while a gardener that works outside her window tries to fulfill them.

4) The Ouroboros-drome
An Alice-in-Wonderland like tale.

5) The Secret of the Pair
Two history fangirls meet, and one of them reveals a secret that leads to the other playing out a very familiar situation.

6) Advice on Love
A five-years-later continuation of the NEET Woman and the Second Grader.


Other Facts

SerializationComic Flapper
Last UpdatedJune 13, 2017
Other namesThe NEET Woman and the Second Grader, ニート女と小学2年生, NEET Onna to Shougaku 2nensei, NEET Onna to Shougaku Ninensei