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Shin Takarajima

1 chapters | Completed | Rank 16872
The manga that made Tezuka famous. It is an action-adventure drama inspired by Robert Louis Stevenson's book, about a boy named Pete who discovers a map to Treasure Island and embarks on a voyage to find it. The Western-style art and fast-paced storyline attracted much attention, and it became a best seller with 400,000 copies sold, laying the groundwork for the manga craze and its modern style.

The original version of "New Treasure Island" was based on Tezuka Osamu's manuscript, but substantial modifications were made by Sasaki Shichima, who cut nearly 60 pages and also changed some of the lines. When publishing "The Complete Works of Tezuka Osamu," Tezuka Osamu remade it based on his memory to make it closer to his original.

Was adapted into animation.


Other Facts

PublishedApr 1, 1947
Last UpdatedJune 19, 2017
Other namesShintakarajima, 新宝島, New Treasure Island, Shin Takarazima


Vol.1: [Complete]August 30, 2016