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Oitekebori Blues

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 17267
Collection of short stories:

1) Still Got the Blues
Kuniyoshi is high-strung and ambitious. Hirayama... is not. They worked together until Hirayama suddenly quit. That's when Kuniyoshi realized how much Hirayama meant to him. But it's always Kuniyoshi pushing their relationship and he doesn't know what Hirayama really thinks.

2) The Windows Reflect a Moonlight Night
Blackmail, revenge, and unrequited love. Akihisa's uncle blackmails his father into giving him Akihisa, in return for keeping quiet about an incident in the past. Abused and in pain, Akihisa's only comfort is his gardner, Shinjo. But how can he touch such a beautiful person with his tainted self?

3) Moving Day
Senda is struggling to control his feelings for his friend Takumi. Moving in with him was so happy, but now it has become to hard for Senda to stay. Now, he's moving out... but maybe Takumi wants something... ?

4) Nobody Else but You
"Oh God. Don't smile at me like that. To you it's probably nothing, but to me it's poison." Mishima has a colleague who's nice to everyone, but even so, Mishima can't help but get his hopes up whenever Okawa smiles at him.

5) In the Room
A newly transferred employee comes home drunk after a welcome party, only to find himself being kissed by a man waiting in his room. But it turns out the man was waiting for someone else....

6) No more Goodbyes
Two lovers get reunited after so many years of being apart... but perhaps one is seeking revenge? Or maybe it's just a huge misunderstanding...


Other Facts

PublishedJun 3, 2009
Last UpdatedNovember 26, 2017
Other namesStill Got the Blues, おいてけぼりブルース