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Onnanoko no Sekkeizu

4 chapters | Completed | Rank 7652
1-3. Onnanoko no Sekkeizu
Story of blooming romance between recently reunited sisters.

4. Shounen
Miyaji is suddenly approached by Hayama, her senpai, who tells her "Inside me lives a boy, and he's fallen in love with you."

5. Wicca

6. Onna no Karada
A love story between a sister and sister-in-law.


Other Facts

PublishedNov 18, 2010 to Nov 30, 2012
Last UpdatedSeptember 28, 2018
Other namesDrawing of a girl, Onna no Karada, Shounen (KONNO Kita), Wicca, Designs of Girl, Blueprints for a Girl, Onna no Ko no Sekkeizu, A Girl's Design, Blueprint of a Girl, The Female Body