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Perfect Kareshi

10 chapters | Completed | Rank 3786
The guy who always slacks around finally becomes serious?! The love comedy about training a top model❤
Nikaidou Subaru is a perfect high school with excellent academic records and a handsome face. He’s also the son of a rich family... And the guy he’s head over heels for is Kitagawa Daisuke, the young president of a small modeling agency.
However, the important Subaru is so lethargic that he overturns his perfect image. Even so, he still can’t help but want Daisuke, who passionately says “You’re the one I’ve been searching for all this time!” ❤❤❤


Other Facts

PublishedApr 30, 2011 to Aug 12, 2013
Last UpdatedDecember 31, 2017
Other namesPerfect Boyfriend, Paris Kore e no Michi, パーフェクト彼氏, Way to Paris Collection, Netsujou, Ardour, Crepe Ouji, Crepe Prince, Shika to shite, As a Deer, Netsujou no Kaeri Michi, Junjou, Pure Heart