Anesthesiologist Hana

    Ongoing | 29 chapters
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    • Hanaoka Hanako has been working as an anesthesiologist at a hospital for over two years now
    • Because of the long and stressful shifts, sexual harassment and no recognition, she wants to quit
    • However, despite all of this, her actual love for the job makes her stay and perform her duty
    As a young anesthesiologist who has been with her hospital for about three years, Hanaoka Hanako has just about had it with her job. The hours are grueling and there are never enough hands. Her coworkers are either obnoxious jerks who call her incompetent or sexist boors who try to cop a feel. She hardly ever sees the sky, has to eat cup ramen for most meals, and has no social life to speak of. Worst of all, her job is thankless. Everyone loves surgeons who perform lifesaving operations, paramedics who rush to the scenes of emergencies, or nurses who provide primary care - but anesthesiologists are only singled out if something goes wrong and a patient is lost. Still, someone's got to do it, and if not her, then who?
    So even with crappy pay, terrible work hours, and sexual harassment...anesthesiologist Hana will cheerfully knock you out!






    Last UpdatedApril 4, 2019
    Other namesAnaesthesiologist Hana, AnaHana, Masui Kai Hana, Masuikai Hana, 麻酔科医ハナ
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