Rakuen (SAKURAKOUJI Kanoko)
Rakuen (SAKURAKOUJI Kanoko)

Rakuen (SAKURAKOUJI Kanoko)

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Supernatural, Romance, Shoujo, Drama, Horror, Tragedy
Story 1: Rakuen Nana, a 16-year-old girl, has had a happy relationship for 1 year with a University student named Shugo. Though, it all comes to a halt, when a doctor tells her that in 6 months, she will become completely blind. While her condition worsens everyday, she decides not to tell Shugo anything because she fears she will be pitied. Will their love be able to survive this tragedy or will it go all downhill? Story 2: Summer Rain - A girl and her mother move to the countryside where her father had been raised up in, the lonely girl finds herself in a friendship with somebody new... Story 3: The Smiling Doll - ''We'll always be together,'' her friend had said to her before she died...
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Nov 26, 2004
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