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The Summer I Shared with You

27 chapters | Completed | Rank 11997
Toono-kun’s life has gone out of control, all due to a strange accident that he can’t explain. There was a flash out in the school yard where his younger sister Yayoi was doing track and field, and a number of people were injured, including Yayoi. Yayoi was lucky and got out of the hospital the next day – only she doesn’t act like herself anymore. What Toono has discovered is that his little sister is gone, and has been replaced by a soldier named Luca from 31 years in the future – and he alone knows it!


Other Facts

PublishedMar 19, 2001 to Sep 19, 2003
SerializationUltra Jump
Last UpdatedMay 30, 2017
Other names琉伽といた夏, Luca, the Summer I Shared with You, Hello Summer, Goodbye, Ruka to Ita Natsu