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Seijou Kouchakan no Jijou

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 16119
This tale begins with Shino who was in love with a girl called Maruyama. Shino asked his best friend, Akira, to set him up with Maruyama, but instead, Akira betrayed Shino. Depressed, Shino goes to spend the rest of his day binging on cakes at the Seijou Black Tea House which is run by two mental cases by names of Shuuji and Keisuke. Mix a magical tea leaf, homosexuals, and various other things for ensuing hilarity.


Other Facts

Published2006 to 2007
SerializationYoung King OURs+
Last UpdatedJuly 20, 2017
Other names成城紅茶館の事情


Vol.1 Chapter 6: [End]August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 5August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 4August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 3June 14, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 2August 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 1August 30, 2016