Sentirental Girl
Sentirental Girl

Sentirental Girl

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Comedy, Romance, School Life, Slice of Life
  • Rokkaku is a slightly nerdy teenager who just started his new job at a video store
  • He soon finds himself entangled in the crazy lives of his mostly female co-workers
  • Hilarious episodes about the daily lives of a group of DVD rental store employees
High school girl Hana Hanasaki hits whoever is near her once she hears something sexual (she's only successful one-third of the time)! Then there's an extremely stingy, money-loving high school boy, Ikki Rokkaku! Their story begins in a residential area where Hanasaki-san is wedged inbetween two (moveable) walls of a narrow path. Rokkaku-kun finds her and helps her get free! The story develops at the DVD shop, "LATNER," where the two work. Lots of gags abound at the part-time job that's a wee perverted and super silly! It's okay to jump in at any point in the series! Oh, and there's love!
Nao Ninatsu
Other Facts
Oct 30, 2014 to Dec 3, 2015
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DeNA, Kodansha (Tankobon)
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DeNA Manga Box
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