Grim Reaper and 4 Girlfriends
Grim Reaper and 4 Girlfriends

Grim Reaper and 4 Girlfriends

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Supernatural, Comedy, Romance, Harem, School Life, Shounen
  • Minaguchi Kaoru has always been alone and a shinigami appears to him to finally take his life
  • Kaoru says he wants to embrace life, and the shinigami lets him live if he confesses to his crush
  • Having no one, Kaoru sends a love letter to four girls, but to his surprise they all accept him!
Minaguchi Kaoru is nothing special. He's no good at sports or school, isn't in any clubs, and he's not popular. He has no friends and isn't even interested in any of the girls he knows. He's also teased due to the fact that he loves shoujo manga. Unlike the harem daydreams of his peers, he dreams of finding his true love. Unfortunately, a shinigami comes to kill him, simply because he's a "forever alone" sort of guy. When he gasps out his intention of embracing life with his final breaths, though, she takes it back! As long as he follows through on his intentions, he won't be killed. To convince the shinigami that his plans are genuine, he declares that he will confess to the girl he likes, the very next day. Expecting failure with confessing to random girls in his school, he sends out love letters to four different girls. To his surprise, they all agree to be his girlfriend. Now, this shoujo-manga-loving guy has ended up in a kind of harem story, quadruple-timing four girls! Will he be able to stay involved enough with society to avoid an early death?
Other Facts
Jun 22, 2013 to Dec 22, 2014
Gangan Joker
Original Publisher
Square Enix
English Publisher
Yen Press
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