Shi o Utau Seiza

    Completed | 4 chapters
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      This manga includes four different stories dealing with horror and supernatural stuff.

      1) Constellations that Sing of Death
      Takano Mahiro arrives at the vacation lodge in the mountains where she will be working for the summer. She meets the owner and her niece, who both seem quite nice. The guests also seem normal enough, save one girl who claims that there is a ghost haunting the place. She's ignored until one of the guests turns up dead! Is the guest telling the truth or is there a cold-blooded killer living among them?

      2) Mist When You Turn Around / When the Fog Comes
      They say that if you visit a graveyard in the fog, you might be able to see the spirits of those resting there. Tracey sees someone at a foggy graveyard that looks like her boyfriend, Fred, but at least 5 years older. Could he be Fred's dead older brother?

      3) Shiver of Flames / Fire Starter
      Since she was young, Sugihara Shouko has had the special power to spontaneously light things on fire, but because of her inability to control it properly, she has accidentally harmed many. Now, she has driven people away from her, in order to avoid the risk of hurting anyone, but Yano Tsukasa, her handsome new classmate, tells her that she can be a normal girl. Is he telling the truth? Is it really possible for her to be just like everyone else?

      4) The Mansion of Time / The Castle
      For weeks, Yukari has been haunted by the same nightmare where she is killed by a woman with a bloody knife in a building she does not know. Her parents send her to her uncle's to get a fresh start, but there, she finds the same castle in her dream, wavering mysteriously in the fog. When Yukari asks about the castle, however, nobody seems to know what she is talking about. What is the secret behind the castle and why does Yukari keep seeing the same dream?






      Last UpdatedJuly 20, 2017
      Other namesConstellation that Sings Death, Kiri to Honoo to Satsujin to, When the Fog Comes, Fire Starter, The Castle, Shi wo Utau Seiza