Tanabata no Kuni
Tanabata no Kuni

Tanabata no Kuni

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Supernatural, Seinen, Mystery
Centuries ago, Minamimaru Tadayori was slain by his master for trying to protect the sanctity of Marukami Mountain from having a battle fort built upon it. His head was sent to Marukami’s village as a warning for what happens to those that resist their construction plan. But the villagers were not what they seemed, and their few numbers transformed into grotesque alien-like forms, wiping out the soldiers in the blink of an eye. Now in modern times, Minamimaru Yoji is a college student and member of the Pioneering Research of New Abilities Society, where he works on his meager ESP powers. One day, he’s summoned by history and folklore professor, Marukami. On top of that, mysterious deaths are appearing in the city… Could it be that the sacred lands of the Marukami are being threatened once more? What does this mean for Yoji?
Hitoshi Iwaaki
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Jun 30, 1997 to Feb 26, 1999
Gekkan! Spirits
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