Bijin Kakumei
Bijin Kakumei

Bijin Kakumei

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Romance, School Life, Shoujo
1-3) Bijin Kakumei During sixth grade, Yuki made a love confession to Shin, an extremely beautiful boy. She was extremely shocked when he started teasing her and called her fat and ugly!! Three years later, Yuki has become beautiful by putting in great effort every day because she wanted to get back at Shin. She transformed into a very beautiful girl! She was accepted into the same high school as him to plot her revenge, but her childhood friend Migiwa who knows everything about Yuki's past is attending the same high school!? 4) Gothic Boyfriend (ゴシック彼氏) Narusaki-Senpai is famous and widely sold horror novelist, while Himeno loves to write children's' love stories. She expresses her opinion on her Senpai's writing, but right as she says so, she knocks right into him! Narusaki takes offence to her opinion, and kidnaps her from her sanctuary of cute to his dungeon of horror! 5) Tough Girl's First Love (暴れん坊少女 First Love) Izumi is considered the "Deity of Girls" (or protector) in her school, but there are sometimes limitations to what one person can do by herself. Kaidou-Senpai steps in, causing her to develop a crush over him.
Chise Fujinaka
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2010 to ?
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