Bitou Lollipop

    Completed | 34 chapters
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      One day, Madoka Gotou is shocked to learn that her parents have won the one hundred million yen lottery. Now they want to pursue their life-long dream of becoming doctors, so they leave Madoka in the care of the Asagi family, who are acquaintances.

      As Madoka adjusts to the reality of her new life, she starts growing closer with the young Tomoyo, the son of the family. By doing so, she uncovers scandalous family secrets, such as Tomoyo’s mother having an affair with Ono, one of the most popular guys in Madoka’s school. In painful knots of loneliness, drama, and love, where will Madoka’s heart lead her?






      PublishedAug 26, 2006 to Jul 25, 2009
      Last UpdatedJune 3, 2017
      Other names微糖ロリポップ
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