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A collection containing ten stories of various genres (shoujo, yuri and BL):
1-5. Anata Dake Houseki
6. ぶよぶよ
7. Blooms in Sunny Places
8. Summer's Over, But It's Still Hot
9. White, and Pink
10. Bunny Cafe
11. A White White Dress.
12. Hon to Ani to Otouto
13. Shiri to Ane to Imouto
15. Kingyo to Ani to Imouto

Other Facts

SerializationRakuen Web Zoukan
Last UpdatedOctober 27, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesA White White Dress, Blooms in Sunny Places, Bunny Cafe, Natsu ga Owatte mo Atsui, Shiro, Mata wa Pink, Shiroi Koto ga Ooi Dress, Summer's Over, But It's Still Hot, White, and Pink