Adarshan no Hanayome
Adarshan no Hanayome

Adarshan no Hanayome

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Romance, Fantasy, Shoujo, Drama, Historical
No one said that politics and marriage were easy -- and if you put them both together, you’re in for more than you bargained for! The country of Adarshan has recently conquered a territory of the Castoria Empire. In order to strengthen the new border and ensure a peaceful alliance between the two countries, Adarshan general and the king’s younger step-brother, Alexid Deke Adars, is forced to marry into Castoria royalty. His bride? The sixth imperial princess, Justinia. The catch? She’s only 10 years old! Just how well is this alliance going to go?
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Jul 7, 2006 to Apr 10, 2008
Beans Ace
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