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Nostalgia (Saori Hagiwara)

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 10197
1. Makka na Tulip wo Kimi ni (Red Tulips for You)
Red tulips for you, and you, and you.

2. Nostalgia

3. Kinmokusei

4. Yume no Hanashi

5. Dandan (Warmth)
Matsuki and Nishimori have been best friends, but when Matsuki develops romantic feelings for her, he decides to confess. His unrequited love means little to Nishimori because she doesn't see him the same way and she's perfectly content with the friendship they have now. Can the flames ever be rekindled or will it remain cold?

6. Makka na Tulip no Hanakotoba

Other Facts

PublishedDec 24, 2011 to Jun 25, 2013
SerializationBessatsu Margaret
Last UpdatedOctober 14, 2018
Other namesノスタルジア, Nostalgia (HAGIWARA Saori), Makka na Tulip wo Kimi ni, Red Tulips for You, Kinmokusei, Yume no Hanashi, Dandan, Warmth, Makka na Tulip no Hanakotoba


Extra Story: Red Tulip in the Language of FlowersOctober 14, 2018
Chapter 5: WarmthAugust 30, 2016
Chapter 4: Story of a DreamOctober 8, 2018
Chapter 3: Fragrant OliveOctober 1, 2018
Chapter 2: NostalgiaSeptember 23, 2018
Chapter 1: Red Tulips for YouJune 14, 2018