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Ero x Roma

6 chapters | Completed | Rank 8831
Mochida Michiru has begun to live alone in an apartment like she wished. While making courtesy calls for the New Year calls around the building, she seems to recognize the man living next door to her! He’s in some sort of really popular idol group. A “SWITCH” member! It is Fujiya Masato! From that day on, love begins for Michiru who has bad prospects ahead! There’s plenty of forbidden love between a performer and the ordinary Michiru in this drawn title along with a collection of pleasant love stories with innocent and sometimes perverted girls!!


Other Facts

SerializationRenai Paradise
Last UpdatedJuly 20, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesErotic x Romantic, エロ×ロマ


Chapter 6: [end]August 30, 2016
Chapter 5August 30, 2016
Chapter 4August 30, 2016
Chapter 3August 30, 2016
Chapter 2August 30, 2016
Chapter 1August 30, 2016