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If I touch you, I can hear your thoughts..."
This is the supernatural ability of transfer student Satori Osanaga, but to her, it's more of a curse than a blessing. Because of this power, her deepest desire is to avoid being touched by anyone. Unfortunately, while praying to be left alone at a local shrine, her hopes are quickly dashed; noticing her standing exposed in the rain as he is passing by, classmate Sou Izumisawa hands her an umbrella to take shelter in.
At school, Satori's strange attire and personality quickly ostracizes her from the rest of her classmates, but despite that, Sou treats her kindly, and
she quickly falls in love with him. However, this has a devastating consequence for Sou, for Satori's painful power manifests within him. While listening to the inner voices of passersby becomes draining, the most painful thought he hears is that of his crush Mio Yuikawa, whom he discovers is in love with his close friend Takumi Shirase.
Distraught by this discovery, he quickly despairs at being forced to see the hearts of others. In this moment, Satori reveals the origins of the curse to Sou and proposes a solution: if he can cause her to stop loving him, he would lose his power. But to meet that end, he must get Mio to reciprocate his feelings.


Other Facts

PublishedDec 22, 2015 to Oct 5, 2016
SerializationShounen Sunday
Last Updated1 day ago
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesふれるときこえる, If I touch you, I can hear your inside words., Fureru to Kikoeru


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Vol.4 Chapter 33: This is something important.
3 days ago
Vol.4 Chapter 32: So, it's true...
6 days ago
Vol.4 Chapter 31: Because of Satori...October 6, 2018
Vol.4 Chapter 30: The Hope of Overcoming EverythingAugust 23, 2018
Vol.4 Chapter 29: ConsequencesJuly 16, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 28: Trust and JealousyJuly 1, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 27: To Me, You AreJune 1, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 26: MaybeMay 19, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 25: Speaking Of ProblemsMay 9, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 24: Just Like YouMay 3, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 23: Are You Worried About Me?April 22, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 22: A Date with SatoriApril 9, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 21: Forever HiddenFebruary 16, 2018
Vol.3 Chapter 20: BitterDecember 31, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 19: Because I Thought Enough Time Had PassedMay 31, 2017
Vol.3 Chapter 18: Everything Will Surely Return to NormalMay 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 17.5: ExtraJune 9, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 17: Play Basketball with Me!May 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 16: It's a Problem Between Takumi and i...May 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 15: Were You Together With Sou?June 9, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 14: I Want it to Go WellMay 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 13: No TitleMay 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 12: The Popular Guy and His FriendsMay 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 11: No TitleMay 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 10: No TitleMay 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 9: No TitleMay 31, 2017
Vol.2 Chapter 8: Go on a Date With MeJune 9, 2017
Vol.1 Chapter 7: No TitleAugust 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 6: No TitleAugust 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 5: Two People and Two PeopleAugust 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 4: No TitleAugust 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 3: No TitleAugust 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 2: To Hear And TouchAugust 30, 2016
Vol.1 Chapter 1: Satori and SouAugust 30, 2016