Hand Which

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      Hand Which is a set of stories portraying friendship and love between men. Besides its stunning debut, it also includes extra one-shots that are popular among fans.

      1. The Hand Which
      After being forced to quit his job and getting dumped by his girlfriend in the same day, Sawazu went out drinking with his four university friends to vent his depression. The day just after he announced, "I shall become gay," he woke up to find himself naked and lying beside his good friend Udaka. And after telling the stunned Sawazu, "I've always liked you," and "I won't see you anymore," Udaka left...

      2. Shake A Hand
      Kuroshima and his college friend Takada have a one night stand. Takada tells him it was no big deal, but Kuroshima can not get the night out of his head.

      3. Shoumi na Kokoro [Entirety of a Heart]
      A office worker named Tsuzuki begins to frequent the food stand owned by Chikuba. Tsuzuki is an incredibly picky eater, and Chikuba tries to meet the challenge of feeding him food he likes.

      4. Shoumi na Kotoba [Entirety of Words]
      A continuation of chapter 3.

      5. Osewa ni Narimashita [Thank You for Your Help]
      Iwata is an illustrator and writer who is not nice to Aono, his live-in housekeeper. Aono falls for Iwata, despite Iwata's violent disposition.

      6. Hankei 10 Metoru no Inryoku [Ten Meter Radius Attraction]
      High school student Hideaki accidentally stumbles on his older neighbor having sex with another man. He can't get the image out of his mind.

      7. Chokusenjou ni Shite 8 Metoru [8 Meters Straight Up]
      A continuation of chapter 6.






      PublishedApr 9, 2004 to Jun 9, 2006
      Last UpdatedJuly 22, 2017
      Other namesThe Hand Which, 牵你的手
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