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Beautiful People is a manga comprised of six profound and thought-provoking short stories.

1. Seppakuhime (Princess White Snow)
2. World's End
3. Anti-Telephonica (Electric Angel)
4. Stalker no Onna (The Lady Stalker)
5. Beautiful People
6. Kuuki no Naka wo Nukeru Sora (Blue Sky)


Other Facts

PublishedOct 2001
SerializationFeel Young
Last UpdatedSeptember 13, 2017
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesBeautiful People, Seppakuhime, World's End, Anti-Telephonica, Stalker no Onna, Kuuki no Naka wo Nukeru Sora, beautiful people


Vol.1 Chapter 1-6 [END]September 8, 2017