A Witch's Printing Office
A Witch's Printing Office

A Witch's Printing Office

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Action, Comedy, Adventure, Fantasy, Isekai
  • Mika Kamiya is a magical printer who creates all types of spell books for witches and wizards to use
  • Mika is unable to use magic, but she looks all over the country for a spell to return to her world
  • Follow a non-magical girl's unique adventures as she searches for a way to go back to her home world
Mika Kamiya is a young woman who is a "magic printer" - that is, she helps to create grimoirs and other mystic books which witches and wizards can use. However, she cannot use any magic herself. Desperate to find a spell which can send her back to her home world, Mika decides to create a completely magical market, where magicians can trade and show off their creations.
Yasuhiro Miyama
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