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Ashen Victor

4 chapters | Completed | Rank 7696
Snev is the "Crash King" of Motorball, an extreme and deadly sport, with a troubled mental state, his only source of emotional support being a prostitute. Life in the Scrapyard was never easy, and the circumstances are the same for him. When he finds out his employer's motives for keeping him on the racetrack for so long, he must confront them - and himself.

A thriller of crushed metal and spilled blood that takes place in the dystopian Scrapyard, it is drawn in a dark, expressionistic style that keeps it true to the spirit of cyberpunk science fiction writing.


Other Facts

English PublisherViz
Original PublisherShueisha
Published1995 to 1996
SerializationUltra Jump
Last UpdatedJune 26, 2018
Other namesHaisha, Hai-Sha, Ashman, Ashen Victor: Motorball Diaries from the World of Battle Angel Alita, 灰者