I Was Kicked out of the Hero’s Party Because I Wasn’t a True Companion so I Decided to Have a Slow Life at the Frontier

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    • Gideon is the vice captain of the Bahamut Knights, and older brother to fledgling hero Ruti Lugnason
    • After his skill level had maxed out, Gideon forgoes his knighthood to be an herbalist instead
    • He adopts the name Red, and becomes a new kind of protector in the faraway land of Zoltan
    In a fantasy world, a young girl with the Divine Protection of the Hero battles against the Demon Lord. In that world, Red, the elder brother of that young girl Hero, possessing the Divine Protection of the Guide which only grants a high initial level, fought in the initial party of the Hero.

    However, with a Divine Protection that only grants a high level but no magic nor martial art nor supernatural ability, he gradually could no longer keep up with the battle and in the end, a companion, a Sage, remarked ‘You are not a true companion’ as he snatched all his equipment and kicked him out of the party with just a single copper sword.

    Having his heart completely shattered, Red distanced himself from the battle against the Demon Lord’s army despite knowing that the fate of the world rests on it, aiming to live an inconspicuous life alone at the frontier Zoltan as he earns money to open a herbalist shop by utilizing the knowledge he acquired throughout his journey.

    Together with the Half-Elf Carpenter living downtown and the Princess who couldn’t become the Hero’s companion, he aims to live a slow life in the frontier of the world governed by a person’s inborn Divine Protection!






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    Other namesSlow Life Frontier, Shin no Nakama janai to Yuusha no Party wo Oidasareta node, Henkyou de Slow Life suru Koto ni shimashita, 真の仲間じゃないと勇者のパーティーを追い出されたので、辺境でスローライフすることにしました
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