World Teacher – Other World Style Education & Agent

    Ongoing | 25 chapters
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    • A senior mentor secret agent is reborn as an infant boy named Sirius in a fantasy world
    • While being raised by loyal servants in a rich mansion, Sirius begins to study spells and magic
    • Kind and wise, Sirius grows up becoming a teacher of magic, touching the lives of people around him
    There was once a man who worked as a secret agent in the modern world who went on to be the teacher of the next generation of agents. However, he died at the end of one mission. When he wakes up, he’s an infant in another world!

    Now going by the name of “Sirius,” he grows up to learn lessons in magic thanks to the servants of the mansion. Still having the memories of his previous life though, Sirius dreams of teaching again. By gaining more and more power, he soon meets his goal, and now travels to teach his new students in this world of magic!






    Last UpdatedSeptember 24, 2019
    Other namesWorld Teacher - Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agent, 월드 티처 -이세계식 교육 에이전트-, ワールド・ティーチャー -異世界式教育エージェント-, 异世界式的教育者, World Teacher – Isekaishiki Kyouiku Agen
    Ongoing | New chapter every ~42 days
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