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I'm Around Thirty And Finally In Love

10 chapters | Ongoing | Rank 605
"Inoue-san, you're my first boyfriend...", says Yamamoto, 28 years old.
"I don't have a lot of experience either, but we'll work through it together", says Inoue, 32 years old.
In reality, Inoue's never been with a girl either, but he couldn't tell Yamamoto that.
A fluffy love-comedy about the adventures of this innocent and pure couple.



Other Facts

Last UpdatedJanuary 10, 2019
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesI'm Nearly 30, but this is my First Love, I’m Around Thirty And Finally In Love, Arasa Dakedo, Hatsukoi desu, I'm Around 30, but this is my First Love, アラサーだけど、初恋です


Vol.1 Chapter 10January 10, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 9January 9, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 8January 9, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 7January 8, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 6January 8, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 5January 7, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 4January 7, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 3January 7, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 2January 7, 2019
Vol.1 Chapter 1January 7, 2019