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The Secret Recipe

19 chapters | Completed | Rank 13476
The essential only first-year member of the struggling cooking club, an irreverent manipulative airhead, comes to the prim and proper new club president, pressuring her for "advice" (a trial girl-girl kiss). Supposedly, the newbie has recently developed feelings for an unspecified girl, suspected herself of being lesbian, and unless proven that girl-girl is not at all fun and icky after all, will quit, since cooking was only ever for raising appeal to potential future husbands anyway...

It's a lie. Never one for cooking in the least, Wakatsuki was, from the beginning, only ever there for her cute little president.

Omake: Fall in Love


Other Facts

PublishedFeb 12, 2009 to Apr 11, 2013
Last UpdatedJune 5, 2018
LanguagesEnglish, Japanese
Other namesThe Secret Recipe, Une Recette Secrète, ひみつのレシピ, Fall in Love, Himitsu no Recipe